Another Land is a project exploring the sculptural agency of nature and how materials are formed and constantly reformed. As one of the most elemental of materials in earth, Clay is matter as well as a process. Inspired by the incidental processes through which landscape has shaped itself, I have tried to create a set up where forms emerge as a result of repeated activity over time.

These fragments are not necessarily an approach to refine, rather an attempt to understand the context through which the forms emerge.

The forms are derived from the process and become part assemblages, part sculptures in their own right. The works appears like a topographical mark taken from a map but could equally reference a cell structure.  
The oddities in the process and forms are heightened to create a vocabulary of material and textures.

The construction lines and parting lines are exaggerated by the use of defined marble forms to hold and recompose the fragments. Clay references the incidental process and marble, the controlled


Priyanka Sharma is a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art. Priyanka originally studied product design before completing her MA in Ceramics and Glass. She was awarded the Commonwealth Scholarship to study at the RCA for her work with vernacular materials and craft practices from the Indian subcontinent.

Priyanka’s practice emerges from her engagement with materials and their unique lives. She is known for her tactile approach, playing with texture, techniques, and natural materials.

Priyanka along with Dushyant Bansal set up Studio Raw Material in 2016. Studio Raw Material is an ongoing exploration of geology in terms of material and processes. The studio and workshop are based in the desert plains of western India. 

(Indian, b. 1985, Arunachal Pradesh, India)


M. 0091 99999 26403


Select Exhibitions & Awards

2023 | Artist residency at The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan (Upcoming)

2022.06 | Studies of a Table by & Tradition, Copenhagen

2021-2022 | Emerging Design Studio of the Year, Dezeen Awards 

2020-2021 | Shortlisted for the Faenza Prize (Under 35 Category) Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza, Italy 

2019.03 | Collectible Fair, Brussels

2019.02 | Open to Art. Gallery Officine Saffi, Milan

2018.02  | Itinerance 09, by Atelier Jespers. Bozar Art Fair, Brussels

2018.10 | Itinerance 08, by Atelier Jespers. Art Elysees, Paris

2018.09 | Why Materials Matter, curated by Seetal Solanki. London Design Festival 2018

2018.09 | 1000 Vases, curated by Roberto Baciocchi, Paris

2018.04 |  Aesthetic Visions. Fuorisalone, Milano

2018.01 |  THE GRADUATE(S), curated by Li Edelkoort.
Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris

2017.08 |  THE GRADUATE(S), curated by Li Edelkoort. Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London

2017.08 |  RAW MATERIAL. London Design Festival, London

2017.06 |  Show RCA. Graduate exhibition, Royal College of Art, London

2017.05 |  Sarah Griffin Selects, London Craft Week, London

2017.02 |  The Emerging & The Established, Christie's South Kensington, London

2017.01 |  Collections; An exhibition at Preston Fitzgeral's private residence, London

2016.12 |  Joints & Bones, The Aram Gallery, London

2016.09 |  Matter X Raw Material, Clerkenwell, London

2015-2017  |  Commonwealth Shared Scolarship to study at the Royal College of Art, London